by Lorraine
(Honiara, Solomon Islands)

Thank you very much for this encouragement. I was really enlighted and encouraged by your message for this month. It seems that every sharings or thoughts for every months usually hits me in the face. I was guilty and convicted at times. and I really enjoyed and a great follower of this site and readings.

I have been down for the past 12 months and going thru a healing process right now. and i think this message is no accident for me. i was married with two children, girl and a boy and my husband left us last year. and i involved my self with alcohols and clubings and all sorts of social activities but couldn't find the real peace.

now i decided to find the Lord and find refuge in him. we were once a christian family but couldn't stand the trials of this world and ended this way.

i'm praying and have faith that one day God will restore my family. and God has chosen me and I AM NEXT and i ask for your support in praying for my family.

thank you and God Bless

Solomon Islands

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