Wayne Jones (Colon, Liver, Lungs) Jacksonville FL, USA

by Linda Jones
(Mannheim Germany)

This is my brother in law who is just in his mid 40's. He is not going to make it because the cancer has spread throughout his body. My husband and son's are Active Duty Military and I am a Veteran. Through all the pain, Wayne still tries to keep up beat. This is killing my husband because this is his little brother and they are close.

My mother in-law is a Minister and she has exhausted herself with prayers and trying to stay strong for him and the family. Please look over my husband's family as well as my mother in law Mary and my husband who has to fly home from Germany in this time of crisis.

I can't be there with my husband due to the fact that the flight is too expensive and we have a dog I just can't leave.

Please say a prayer for Wayne to let him know he is going to a better place where he will be pain free and in the loving arms of Jesus and God.

Thanks you!

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