Tom's salvation, healing and Unity in our relationship, in Jesus' name

Father, you heal the brokenhearted and raised Lazarus. Lord, my heart is broken over Tom as his heart is as dead as Lazarus'. Tom doesn't know you, Lord and my heart's desire is for his salvation - a breaking of the bondage the enemy has on his life. Lord, I believe that when I ask, asking in your will, it is done. Father, break Tom free to seek you and come to know you as I do. I pray that we will grow together in you. Lord, help me to lay this burden and my broken heart at your feet, trusting you will take care of this situation for me. You always do - you always provide for me and touch my heart. I ask for your presence again now, Lord, for your daughter is calling you for supernatural help. Lord, you have promised me a hope and future and prosperity in Jer 29:11. Father my hope is for Tom's salvation and our unity. Thank you for your love and provisions for me. I seek your face. In Jesus' name I pray. I love you, Father, Lara.

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