To get closer to god

My name is asha and basically from a hindu family

But due to grace of god, i came to know about him and believe him

But due to my temptations and wordly pleasures,i get into do sins

But i know i am doing is wrong but i couldnt able to come out of that

pray for me to overcome all pleasures and want to whole life for my god alone

From the Prayer Team

Dear Asha, thank you for sharing this with the Prayer Team. We shall surely pray and believe with you and we know that the God we serve will hear us and answer us. Lord, we bring your daughter Asha before you. We are confident that you love her and desire the best for her. She wants to serve you and give you her all. So we ask for your grace and mercy over her life. We come against every plan of the enemy to attract her and cause her to follow after the pleasures of the world and commit sin. Lord, take over her spirit, soul and body and cause her to be totally yielded to you. Let her follow that straight and narrow road that leads to you and depart from the broad road that leads to destruction. Change her and mold her into the person that you want her to be. We thank you for doing this in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen.

God bless you,

Sister 'Bella

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