To fully live for God

by S C
(Dallas,Texas USA)

I am need of prayer for myself and daughter. I am not living the life God has for me. I am living a life of my own not living for the things of God. I have been there once and I have backsliden. I feel as if I have done evil things and paying for them now through sickness ,poverty ,and my daughter now is not living for God doing evil things like drugs and having run ins with the law all the time, gave up her kids to foster care. I do know what the Lord can do but, I need spiritual help. So one to pray for these curses to go away.

Prayer Team
Dear God,
Your dear child needs divine visitation. Look at these issues mentioned above, God please intervene and let your name be glorified. Destroy every curce and let your blessings flow. restore this Family in Jesus Mighty Name,AMen.
We stand in agreement, according to Mathew 18:18-19, that God you are changing the situation of your child in Jesus Glorious Name,Amen.

Be comforted, God is comming your way,

Prayer Team,

Bro Chester

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