Timothy M Rowe

by tim rowe
(Richmond Hill ,Ont ,Canada)

Was diagnosed with lymphoma and have been suffering from

tremendous abdominal pain that lasts 24,7 most times.
I have also been to many doctors that can not find out what
kind of cancer i have.
This has been going on for 18 months and still have no answers or treatment.
It has been very hard on my seven year old twins and the rest of my family.I have been out of work ever since and
can not participate in any family outings as the pain will
get worse if i walk to much or exert myself in any way.
I have been stuck to my bedroom most of the time trying to cope with the pain.
I have lost over thirty pounds and can not eat or it will cause extreme pain that may last days.
I am praying every day for my family and me to get threw this .
I would greatly appreciate any prayers that would help us.
Thank You.
God Bless.

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