The restoration of my marriage by the power of God.

by Jermaine Neblett

Dear brothers and sisters i ask that you up lift my family in prayers. My wife have moved out of my home with my kids and my kids are made to go through hard times because of her.They now live 100 of miles from me i cant get to speak to them as i like or if i have to see them i have to stand all the expencse,i am angry at the devil because my kids are not going to church and i was fooled by my wife in letting my kids go with her. I NEED MY KIDS IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD AT SUNDAY SCHOOL AS ITS WRITTEN TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY THEY SHOULD GROW AND WHEN THEIR OLD THEY WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT.

My wife have been taken over by the enemy i love her but she has her own will if she wants to be free from the strong holds of the enemy she could seek God never the less i need my kids to receive salvation and to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.As a young boy i dream of being a wonderful father and a husband of one wife one marriage until death do us part,but my wife seems not to care i encourage my self in the Lord and i am asking the GREAT God to give me the spirit of wisdom to fight this battle for my future generations let me be the father that he made me to be i am standing on his word in John.14-14 he said if we ask of anything in his name he will do it and i clam my family out of the enemy camp like the great King David thank you Lord in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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