Sylvia Giroux from Montreal Quebec, Canada

by Samec Germain
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Sylvia is a lovely christian woman who has a ministry to help the poor and the needy; together with her husband they feed not only the poor but the feed them the word...she has had 3 breast cancers in the past... on of her breast has already been removed and after her reconstructive surgery she was diagnosed with a fourth breast cancer...she needs a lot of prayer and support...we pray fo herto recover completely... although her doctors said nothing could be done anymore...we believe the Word that is above all other diagnosis and we continue to pray for a full recovery so our Father in heaven can be Jesus said:' all that you ask in my name I willdo i so my father in heaven is glorified'

Thank you for adding yor prayers to ours.

May His FACE always shine upon you and your families,

Samec, a sister in Christ

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