by Ann Delight White

Father, I come to you in the name of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ of Narareth. Father I ask you to give Sunny the strength that she and her family need at this time.Father you said,in Mark 12:34 that we can pray for anything,and if we believe that we will recieve it,that it will be ours.Well!lord I pray that every plant that you had not planted,it shall be uprooted.I know that you did not plant that tumor upon Sunny,So Father I am having faith and truly believing that you will remove this Tumor from Sunny.Growth and Tumors have no right to Sunny's body.(Isaiah 53:5)says that you were pierced for our rebellion,crushed for I sins,beaten so we could be healed.I pray that you send your most powerful Angel to be at her side at all times to comfort her.Father I'd like to thank you in advance for everything you have done ,and everything that you are about to do for Sunny and her family.I stand on your word and if you said it,then it is so.I am asking all this to be done in your precious Son name JESUS CHRIST OF NARARETH.AMEN.
~God's Delight ~

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