Strength to move on from a struggle i am losing..

by Alexis
(Deptford, NJ)

I am struggling with someone that i love dearly and has hurt me over and over and i can't take anymore. I sit at home and cry because i know i need to let go. I feel I need to let go and am struggling to do so because i love this person so much. Staying with them will not help me but hurt me as it hurts me so much now. I need strength to see that better things are ahead waiting for me because that's what GOD planned for me. I need strength to move forward.

Prayer Team

God, only You can strengthen Alexis. Visit Alexis and let your strength and glory come over Alexix. Do a new thing and let it be evident in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

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MY friend you have said it all i am tuch by your hurts and i can relate to it,but i must encourage you that the word of the living God says(be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might)you can not do it alone surender all to Jesus your hurts,pain,broken dreams and set backs and look for him remember he came in a storm walking on water so be like Peter step out to meet him in faith keep your eyes fix on him you will walk on what other people sink in.MAY you be filled with the word of God and obey his word live the word you will be a testimoney to His greatness amen

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