Strength, Patience, Custody to be granted to our daughter Jennifer of her children Andrew and Allison

My family needs prayer for strength, patience and protection from our enemy. The father of my grandchildren Andrew and Allison has brought false charges against my daughter Jennifer of child abuse and is taking us to court for total custody and control.
We ask that God bless us with strength, patience and place the faith in our Hearts and Souls that our prayers will be answered and the children will be safely returned to us. We are struggling emotinally and need to be filled with these things so that we may endure and do only the things that are pleasing to God. We ask that God protect Andrew and Allison and let them know that their Mom, Nana and PawPaw love them are care deeply about them and we are praying for their safe return to us.

Dear God in Heaven, please provide us and fill us with your spirit and fill our hearts with love and strength.
We seek You and want to be filled with Your spirit.
Dear Father, please protect us from our enemies and provide us with all that we need to glorify You.

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