Sheila Gil

by A dear friend

Sheila Gill, is the daughter of Senior Pastor, Carmen GiLL, Tulsa OK. For a year and half, Shelia has been battling Cancer (Triple negative). Her left breast was remove and her left lypmh nodes. She is in constant pain, swelling in her left arm, poor appetite and under chemotherapy that is causing her to throw up. Pastor Carmen daugher has two small children under the age of 5. Sheila is divorce. Pastor Carmen has a church with 1600 members growing weekly and the demands for her are very high. We have our intecessory prayer group and we also join in her home a few days of the week to pray for her daughter. Pastor Carmen needs to be free of anxiety, worry and to do God's business. Her time is spent caring for her daughter who can not care for herself, let alone her children. Pastor Carmen has three adult children who now reside within her home to take turns caring for Sheila because Pastor Carmen must continue the work of the ministry. Recently, Pastor Carmen senior Pastor, Billy JOe Daughtery went to heave due to Cancer. This has been a blow for her, as she was believing for his healing as well as her daughter. Pastor Carmen needs prayer intercessorys in addition to what we have to lift her up and her family daily. She is fighting opposition from the community, church and now dealing with the illness of her daughter. As a human being, their so much a person can take. As intercessors, we are like Aaron, lifting the arms of a great leader- to uphold in times of trails and testing. We know God heals and He has not forgotten His daughter.

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