Ruby Reynolds

by bobby

This is my mother,she is 63 years old and found out about 2 months ago she has colon cancer that has spread to her liver and now to her lungs,she is a God fearing woman,who has dedicated her life for our Lord and Savior,my dad passed away on july 21 of 2008 and now she is so sick.Im her son and she has 5 more children,I pray that God will bring her out and heal her,the doctors have only gave her 6-12 Months to live,i love my Momma deeply and im still hurting from the loss of my Dad.She has got to the point that she needs help to raise up in the bed,she is in so much pain and discomfort.The Bible says "with God ALL things are possible".please include my mother in your prayers.tya very much.

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