Revelation of God's Purpose & Plans upon my life

by Jarti Rongo
(Kiunga, Western Province, PNG)

Me in the Office

Me in the Office

I have been asking God to reveal His purpose and plans on my life so I can put every effort in identifying my gifts so that He can use me. Don't know if that is the right kind of prayer but ask for your help in interceding for me also.

Also pray for my new girlfriend who I plan to marry soon and know that she is the one God has blessed me with. Her name is Claire and she is at UPNG doing her foundation studies this year. My prayers are basically for us to grow together in love for each other and for God to serve our Father in heaven with every spiritual gifts with all our heart, mind and soul.

God will perfect that which concerns me and know we will spend the rest of our lives serving God with all our heart, mind and soul.

My dream/vison is to own 10 houses worth millions of PGKINA to pay tithes to churches/ministries and help sow seed into building local church buildings wherever God directs me to. Its my desire to have millions of PGKina or US$ in my account to help with extending the Kingdom of God on earth. I will also serve my gift to my people and impact lives throughout PNG and Pacific and the world.

Thank you for your prayers

May God bless you always

Jarti Rongo

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