by Jossie Shilima
(Nairobi, Kenya)

I am 26 years old but have gone through a lot. I have a son and got separated from his daddy since February this year. I desired to have a family then with this man Allan and our baby but to no avail. He put me through pain and anguish treating me like a doormat...for me to move on, I had to forgive him from deep down my heart and just let go. I am trusting God to give me a divine husband sent from heaven and a daddy to my son, to give a better paying job, a re-union with my son who now lives with his father's's not easy seeing the locusts eat what God gave me. I don't know how to pray for as a family but trust God's will upon my life if this man is meant to be my husband. His grace is sufficient for me because He gave me strength to move on, inward peace and rest that was denied to me by the stress that ate me up. I believe it is done in Jesus name....Intercede for me and my son and the plans God has for him and I.....Amen


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Be encouraged
by: Anonymous

Be encouraged in the Lord my dear sister. I am in a similar situation, but with two sons. It has not been easy being a single mum but each day, i see God's grace. I was trusting God for a divine husband and believe me,on Feb 27th 2010, i had a dream and God gave me the name of my husband to be. Three weeks later, on 19th March, God gave me the second name of my to be husband. On 1st August, the Holy spirit spoke to me in a still small voice and said i will have a son and gave me the name of my 3rd son, who is yet to come. I live each day by faith and i know God will restore to me the years i wasted. We serve a God f promise and He will bring the promise to pass. Wait upon the Lord and He will do something great for you.

Seek God

MY sister you frist have to seek God.Matt 6.33 You must deny yourself of yourself surrender all to Jesus his word never fails give him all your pain and hurts he wants them all and by doing that just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.Sometimes we think that humans could help us as David said in psalms 121 look up to the hills that is where your help will come from.As its written vain is the help of man,let the great and mighty God guide you my sister.

by: Anonymous

Father, I thank You that although the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy -- You have come that we might have life and that more abundantly. Father I thank You that You know the plans that You have for us, plans for us to prosper and be in health. Father, I thank You that Jesus came to bring restoration and to remove the curse. I ask right now that You not only bring restoration, but that You restore even more than what the enemy has stolen. I declare Your faithfulness and the Finished work of Jesus Christ into this situation. I ask that Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth, in her life as it is in heaven. Father, I say Grace, Grace to the mountains in her life and declare that they be made a plain. Father I apply the blood of Jesus -- the blood that speaks a better word and declare that the enemy has no authority in this child of the King of Kings! Open the eyes of our understanding to ALL the benefits that come from being a part of Your Kingdom. Let her walk in the inheritance that already belongs to her. In Jesus name, amen.

Prayer for you
by: Ellen

Dear Jossie-
I pray in Jesus name that your son would be returned to you, for a better job, and for the right husband that God has planned for you. I intercede in Jesus name that you would be blessed in all the areas of your life that the devil has stolen
I pray for the Blood of Jesus to cover you and your son and that Jesus would work Supernaturally in your life to restore everything for you.
Ellen, U.S.A.

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