by Bonnie
(New Mexico)

Walking the Dock

Walking the Dock

I am in the need of other angles to pray in agreements with me. I am a woman who tried so very very hard to turn her life around. Just last year, I gave my life, heart, and soul to the Lord to have a better change in life with him. I just don't want to wear my cross around my neck, but in stead on my back.
By being a reborn christian again, I wanted a new start with my lord and savior. I thought that I was doing everything right, so I can pray for the restoration of my marriage with my husband. My husband and I are not together in the home anymore, because the devil came in and took him away from me, when we moved to my home town. So I prayed for over two years to the lord, got back in church, got dip in the water, got myself in to a christian University and tryed to move on from there.Over a period of time I wasn't hearing anything from my husband because I guess I wasn't praying the right things. But after a while I got the hang of things and I started to hear from him, thank you Jesus. Then things changed again, to where I didn't hear from him again, and then when I did we didn't see eye to eye. He started sleeping with some female that landed him in jail, and then he wrote me and told me he wanted out of our marriage. I was so so hurt about what he said to where, I made a very very big mistake. I went and had an afair with my exboyfriend from back in the day. And now my ex is down here in my home town with me, and been here for over six months now. My husband was doing time, and he got out on probation, and he called me and asked me if he can come home. I made a mistake Jesus, I slept with an other man. I so do want my husbands back home, but I can't stop regretting that I slept with my ex and above everything he's still here. I want my life back with the Lord, and my husband, but I don't want to hurt my ex fillings by telling him to go back to his home town. But honestly, I don't want my ex back in my life, and never did. But he is my friend, and that's why I can't hurt his fillings. Thats why I need you to help pray with me. I want my life back. I want my husband back, I want my money back, I want my family back, I want my sisters and brothers back, I want my hair back, I want my looks back, I want my body soul mine and heart back. So please stand together with me in agreements and help me fight that old Devil and take back what was stoling from me. Thank you in Jesus Christ name I pray.


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MY sister its written in matt 6.33 seek God frist because you need him.Let yor attention be on the things of God this world is not our home so everthing will not always be how we want it,if it was so we would not have need for eternal life.You have no need to feel guilty because that is of the devil he will always try to remind you of pass mistakes,but there is good news once you repent ask God to for give you and you dont have no need to feel guilty let God work it out he is the good sheapard give him your all hurts confuseion paint place it in his hands,surrender your marriage to him God bless marriages so he will restore your joy just stand on his word because it will never fail. Be still and know that he is God.AS its written even if our hear condems us he is above our hearts.Mark 11.23 just say what you want in faith and it will come to pass so that mean speak it out loud when you do that you place a demand on God and he honours his word.Come on my sister God will answer but dont get outside of the word ask in line with the word and he will show you great and mighty things you not of yourself.Obey and trust him spend time in his word as christians we are the body of Christ and the same spirit rise Jesus from the dead lives in us the word of God calls you a conquer in fact you are more than a conquerer because the of love Jesus, you have all power over the works of darkness remind the devil about how Jesus Christ wip him at calvry so he is alredy wip by your God so just wait on God as he promised your strengt will be renewed remember our God is a warrior God he came as the lamb but he is also the lion of judha let him fight your battle greater is he that is in you than he that is of the world amen.

The Truth Will Set U free
by: Anonymous

Hi Bonnie,
Let the peace of God that passess all understanding fill ur heart as u pray for God's will and purpose to prevail over whatever desires and plans u have. Once u know what God's will and purpose is for ur life, u will be able to love and forgive. But first of all, tell both men the truth about ur feelings and what happened and let them choose for themselves. If he is a real man and loves u so much, he will forgive u and ask for ur forgiveness at the same time and ur marriage will be restored. If either of them does not forgive u, let them go because God knows the best and He will guide u through this trying times. Devil(Satan) is the greatest deceiver but u r the child of God and more than a conqueror because God's love is everlasting and nothing can separate us from His unfailing Agape Love. (Romans 8:1-39, Phil. 4:7).
Let God's peace fill ur heart before u speak to both man one at a time separately.

by: Anonymous

Dear Bonnie, I pray for you that you will be honest with everyone involved for the mistakes that were made, even if it hurts the feelings of others. God wants us to live in integrity and to live our lives in line with what is important to Him. We all make mistakes and fall short of His Will but the Lord forgives. It is also important for you to forgive yourself Bonnie. Even when it looks like everything is destroyed we can still move forward and learn from our mistakes and make better choices. Even when we try to 'do everything right' it does not mean that our lives will then go the way that we want it to. God has a plan for everyone's life and often it is not what we have planned for ourselves. May God Bless you everyday.
May you be faithful to the Lord no matter what happens.

Seek & Ye Shall find
by: Anonymous

If You have truly committed to follow the Lord wait on Him -seek Him he will tell you what to do -but give up what you want & ask for His desires -

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