Renewel of Health, a full-time Job, physical healing from sinus surgery

Today, I am so disturbed! I believe that Jesus Christ is my personal Lord & Savior! I had surgery about 1-month ago for my sinuses, I lost my unemployment, and got into a car accident on the freeway last week. I am so unhappy with my life that I cannot even begin! God says to cast our cares unto him & that is what I am doing today!
I need a prayer for total restoration in my life!
I know sometimes we go through things in life, but I am @ my limit! I need a prayer for peace in my mind, spirit, and soul! I need God supernatural graces for strength in my body! Healing! Satan has no power over my body in Jesus name, I declare, today! I need prosperity in my finances, favor! God is my source & I do not look
to what others can do for me! I never have!
I pray heavenly father that you give all that I need to grow & prosper me in my life. Sometimes I feel like giving-up! I really don't have my family to talk to!
I just turned 40 this year & I feel like I am @ the end of my life! Please pray for me that God grants me his graces for a miracle to happen in my life
In Jesus name I pray,

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