by Juanita
(South Africa)

My sister' husband died yesterday, they have two children and are very poor. She is dislexic and has never worked. Her one son aged 15 does not live with her as he says he cannot live in the area and go to the school close to home due to bad people. Sadly most poor areas are full of drugs and alchohol. My sister is a very good christian woman she does not smoke or drink but has had a very hard life also being brought up in a home with an alcoholic father that used to abuse our mother and verbally abuse his children so she has admitted to having alot of emotional issues. Now she has just lost the one person that was dearest to her and cared for her. Oh my goodness this is such a sad situation. Please pray for her to be strong and be able to move out of the poverty stricken life and actually enjoy her life. She deserves much better. I really feel for her and wish I was in a financial position to help give her a better life. SHE IS SUCH A WONDERFUL WOMAN, and does not deserve the life she has had and is having.

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