prayer for my marriage

by alice

pray for my husband and i to be be together again, we are separated by jobs.Believe God with us to open a door either he joins me or i join him

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one flesh
by: Anonymous

the word says that a man shall live his fathers house and be joint to meet his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. how can you be one flesh if you two are physicaly apart?.

I ask God the Father in the Lords name Jesus Christ that they may intervine by the Holy Ghost that you may find a way for you two to be together. amen

Trust in God
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have also been separated due to jobs. I had to go back "home" because of an illness and struggled with the decision whether to go back with him as we lived in RV trailer. It was cold and uncomfortable. My Mother who is a prayer warrior has prayed that we be joined again. Husband has decided to drive back and forth to work and stay at home.

God, once again, has the ultimate plan for everyone if we just trust in him and have faith. God bless you and your husband, and trust that the Lord will join you both again. In Jesus name.

May God bless you.
by: Anonymous

May the Lord restore you as the team that He meant for you to be. "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

by: Anonymous

Dearest God,

I ask that You and the angels help me heal my love life. I am willing to release any unforgiveness I may beharbouring toward myself and my partner, and I ask that the angels cleanse me of all anger or resentment now. Please help me see each other through the eyes of love. I ask that all effects of our mistakes be undone in all directions of time. Please work with my partner so that we may have harmony, romance,

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