Prayer for my best friends father who is fighting brain cancer

by kimberly h
(burleson texas usa)

Please pray for my best friends father. He was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer on June 20...fathers day. Through surgery and treatment the cancer is currently in remission but guaranteed to return by what the specialists say. I pray they are wrong and he returns to full health. His body is so sick from the treatment it's slowly killing him. I pray he recovers from the treatments given and that they cause no more harm to his body. I pray he needs no more hospitals or doctors. I truly wish others could also pray for him. I'm certain the lord hears us all and there's nothing wrong with a few extra voices praising his almighty name for the healing of Mr. J. Rogers.

Please lift his family up in prayer to stay positive and stay strong for they are his rock and he is theirs. Please pray that I can find the right words when speaking to my friend so that I can encourage her to stay strong and positive. Please help me to find the words that soothes her soul and comforts her.

Thank you to all who do so, and may god continue to bless you

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