I have read you site and my faith is boosted that this is possible.

Am a distraught Kenyan lady. By God's mercy, please pray for my mama, named Dorothy Lena Adhiambo, 57 years by 15th March 2010.

I gave her Kshs 1500/- for hospital bill as her this year's birthday gift. She was taken to the hospital by my younger sister because I could not withstand her sight. She weighed 52 Kilograms like our Kenyan bag of sugar, she is dying minute by minute. Long before she became sick I prayed that God saves her to declare the gospel of Christ. She got saved in 1998, but I don't know when she became infected. She fasts a lot and she prays in the middle of night when all family are asleep. She says, ' please God, forgive whatever sin I comitted and heal me", thinking that the children don't hear. I too pray every time that God gives her another chance to live, to proclaim faith healing.

Yesterday, we transported her to a rural rental house after she was kicked out of the house where she has stayed for the last 12 years. She was retired from work in 2006 and cannot therefore pay the house rent, leave alone subsistence provisions. She has stayed in the city from 1969 and therefore got it very hard to go up country. I know she will be dead in the next few months, but I know it is never too late for God to heal. I transported her to that rural shopping centre because we don't own a home. After we lost our father in 1986, the extended family took everything we owned and even the piece of land we had. God is never too late, Jesus raised Lazarus when his body was supposed to have decayed. Please pray for my mom, if she lives to have another birthday, I will buy her a bible.


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