Prayer for Healing of Pancreas Cancer for David Owen

Prayer Team
Please pray for my husband on March 23 he was told that he has stage 4 Pancreas Cancer and has spread to the stomach and bone they only give him 4 to 6 months to live. The mass in between the pancreas and the liver and now his liver is not working probably. He also suffers from Major Heart condition he has had 2 heart attacks, lung disease, Bronchial Asthma and Emphysema. I am in desperate need of an miracle please pray for his healing and salvation, I need prayer for strength, peace and the wisdom of God. Please pray for my financial need I am in such debt due to the medical conditions of my husband and will loose my home which is not paid for. I need a miracle financially to be able to pay off my home of 80 thousands, and I have a lean on it for 150 thousands because of the medical bills. If I had to sell with this market by the time both are paid off I would have nothing my home is older and in much repairs. My Husband has been sick for several years now and unable to do any repairs and with the lost of our jobs I had to go through any savings I had he now is on SS and I am making half of what I use to I am in desperate need of a finical miracle.
Please pray for jobs for my son and grandson that are now living with me that they want to help our finical but need employment. I told God I really want to stay in my home that’s all I have anymore except the most important thing is my Lord. I know he will see me through but right now I can’t see or feel any hope. I love the Lord and has served him most of my life I am so numb at this point I can’t even pray, I try to focus and read his word but I am so upset I can’t keep from crying. I also feel so alone and scared I feel like my guts have been ripped stepped all over and put back. I know GOD loves me and has a good plan for my life but right now I hurt so bad I can’t even feel his presents. Thank You for your prayers I really need a miracle Linda Owen

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