praising GOD, counting my blessings

by rod
(san antonio, texas)

I would like to take time to thank god for all that i have, everyday i wake up , and give thanks to god for a new day , my health, my job, my running car, my home, my dogs who take care of me, my family, my friends, my coworkers, my students, my neighbors, my city i live in, my leaders. it sounds like alot to be thanking , although with everything i listed people if they see it for what i have in their view would not be giving thanks everyday. they wake up, and complain they are too tired, the weather. i can walk,breath, see, hear, taste, no illness, no disease, and i give thanks to god. peolple complain of theirs jobs, but i thank god i have a job, and like every job comes the politics, the feeling of ungratefulness from your boss, although the beauty of seeing what god brings in my life to educate the most challenging individual to meet and work with. my car is not new, but its paid for and it runs, i let go of the materialistic things of the world only because god allowed this to happen that i have put myself in this situation, i dont ever blame my god and only have myself to blame but look up to thank him that he chose me and loves me so much that i can give thanks everyday and every moment for what could have been or should have been and every circumstance i am in , most people would be in self pity or angry but i thank him for his mercy of what could have happen to me. i thank you god for giving me the love and compassion to find this site to want to pray for all of you and remind me every moment to give thanks of what i have at this moment in my life and utilize my blessings faith in all of you whom are going through pain, suffering, sickness, depression, disease, financial burdens, medical treatments, family strains, loneliness. i shared this with you to say i will give my all to pray and ask god for his compassion and mercy for healing and solutions and breakthroughs for all your requests, i am here in prayer to do what i can in gods will, please be strong in faith and let god, and may all his strength be with you and his loving touch and healing be on you, i have done years of hurt to first GOD, and then to myself, i abused a drug substance and have been spared from so much, only for now, but in my faith, my god does not punish, but we reap, what we sow, and i live each day for his love and gift of life and compassion to do what he speaks to me to do the best i can and when my moment in time comes from my god i pray for time until then to glorify and share to the world what he does for certain people in certain situations to help others, everyday i embrace what to do in the situation i put myself in to help others and give thanks alone for everything i started this message with, my thoughts, prayers, and love in christ be with every single one of you in our world we live in together. thank you for your mercy god to hear my prayers for every one who has been on this site, their request, their thoughts, their worries, their weaknesses, god be with all of you
sincerely rod

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