Please Pray For My Husband

Please pray for my husband who has been diagnosed with an enlarged spleen with lesions and a large abdominal mass. We are waiting for the test results to see if it is lymphoma. He is so sad right now and we are both very worried. I've been crying all week and asking the Lord God to hear my voice. It hurts alot.

I pray to the Lord everyday especially since we got this since a week ago.

He also suffers now from very intense itching on his body from a fungus infection and he is in alot of agony and he tries his best to deal with this also.

Please pray that the medications his doctor has given him will relieve him from this horrible itching. It is like a plague. Please, pray for his relief. It breaks my heart to see him up alot at night scratching himself for relief and jumping in and out of the shower alot of the night. It has been a year now this this started and he is mentally and physically exhausted by it all. He tries to be strong but I know it is a lot for a human being to bear.

Please all friends out there who read this, please in Jesus Name, please pray for my husband. He is in his forties and we hope to have a good life together, ahead of us.

Please pray for him and ask that he be healed, that these tumors go away and that he has strength and belief that he will get well too. He is such a good and kind person and a loving husband. Please offer your prayers for you.

I try to encourage him everyday and I have faith that God hears and answers our prayers.

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