Please pray for my brother that he grows in God.

by Amrita

Dear All,

I need you to save this soul. Please pray for my brother David. He is attracted towards satanic activities, he does not understand the simple verses of bible; but keeps the bible with him when he feels unprotected. He always ignores to read the bible. He has no success in life and in love life. He has fights with parents. He is currently living with a family who worship other God's and are Christ haters. They are involved in blackmagic and unclean ways. Please help me with your prayers to protect my brother and save his soul. Please pray that he is hungry for God's word.

I would like to do a 24 hour prayer for 3 days with fasting on 1st to 3rd OCT 2010. Please pray that I may succeed. Please join with me in prayers for all prayer requests on this sites. If any suggestions regarding how should I do it, please guide me.


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