Please pray for I am lacking water supply.

by Amrita Sonawane

Dear all,

Please pray for my household is without water supply.
Since 8-years I am facing this problem. I tried all solutions but all failed.

I live on 6th floor with no lift and water. It is hard to get water from below.

I had a water connection recently, which was taken down by the PMC people due to faulty complaint.

I have no water right now. I really can't cope with this situation any more as I have done this for more than 8-years.

Please pray for this situation and let my household have sufficient water with no more tensions.

I believe that God will do it for me. Please join with me.

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Gods best!
by: Anonymous

Your need at the 6th Floor is water. I want you to now see it differently. God always gives the very best to his children. For 8 yrs you prayed and still no water. You might be comfortable living like that for 8yrs. Has it ever come to your mind that God has somewhere best, where you have a lawn of your own and plenty of ground area and water!
Praise God and seek God and be in tune and follow what comes to mind.Dont be like the children of Israel. You got to move on cos that doesnt sound like a promise land!

You got to move out and on!

prayer for lack of water
by: tish

Lord hear their prayers and heal them for their lack of water, let their cup run over. shower them with your love and blessings.

Bind And Loose
by: Ann Delight White

Heavenly Father,I come to you in Jesus Christ's Holy Name.I ask you Lord Jesus Christ according to John 14:14 to forgive the people of the PMC that took down the source of water supply from your dear people.Accordng to your word in Matthew 16:19,I have been given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatsoever thou bind on earth shall be bound in heaven:and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.So I am asking you to loose Your Angles in great abundance into the family that's lacking a water supply on the 6th floor.Father I am asking you to step in and save them .They can't hardly cope with this situation any longer.Father 8 years is a long time to be fighting for a water supply.Renew and refresh their,soul and body from stress and fatigue,and bad health will not have any place in their lives.Isa.49:10 They shall not hunger nor thrist have mercy on them Lord Jesus.I thank you for restoring their water supply.I ask all these things in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth according to John 16:23.Heavenly Father I ask you to release Your miracle virtue.I stand on your word,and if you said it,then it is so.In Jesus Name AMEN..

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