Please help me...

by amrita sonawane

Dear all,

I am Amrita from India. It happens all the time. I pray deeply and then suddenly I leave. I get worst. This time I was very much in prayer, studying bible, but I don't know why I left that..? I had one thing going.. my dreams which I saw at night came true after few days.! Now no such thing happens.!

My mom went to the church where a pastor gave her a revelation about me.. he told her my appearance and said that,"My soul was given to satan after my birth through some ritual by my grandfather. Satan visits me time to time. All the devotion that I show for bible is fake. It is all made up!!!"

I don't know what to believe?

I am really broken. It has changed the way my mom looks at me now. Am I close to God or ??

Please pray for me... that I am continuous in pray and lead a good life doing God's work. Please pray for my career and my love life, I am totally confused upon what decisions should I take. My boyfriend is a nonbeliever, we are in relationship for more than 7 years now. We match each other good. He is a nonbeliever, that is restricting me to take a decision!

Your mails help me allot. Thankyou.

Dear Amrita,
Please read Jeremiah 29:11, 2 Cor 6: 14 - 19, Psalm 139, John 14:14, John 14:36

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