Patrick and Trish

by Tim Rowe
(Richmond hill ,Ont, Canada)

Pat is a friend that i have worked with for many years and is in his early thirty's. He just got married a few years ago to a truly wonderful

woman. They have also just bought there first home together and are both enjoying there new life together. They have no children as of yet,but plan to some day. Pat and trish are the nicest people you could ever meet and are believers in Christ . Last week Pat had gone to his doctors because of a problem that had come up over the last few months.

While they were investigating his original problem they had discovered he also had bladder cancer. A few more tests were done and it came back positive for cancer.

Pat and his wife are horrified by what the doctors have found and are very frightened by this news. I pray for him and his wife every day as well as my own cancer problem . I would be very grateful for any prayers for my friend and his wife as they go threw this very trying time.
I am a firm believer in the power of God and in the power of prayer for the sick. I also pray for all of us that are battling this horrible decease that destroys many lives.

May Jesus keep us strong and answer all of are prayers. God Bless and thank you for this web site.

Tim rowe.

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