Our son Benjamin

by Mary Ann

Our son Ben is applying to law school and recently
received a DUI and also had a small amount of Marijuana

He graduated last year with honors from Arizona State University and currently is employed at a law firm. I pray he will call for counseling, I believe he is scared,and is having a hard time admitting he might have a problem. His life long dream has been to become an attorney. He has his first meeting with the judge on Friday, I pray things will go in his favor. I pray he will be given a chance to accomplish his dreams and get
the help he needs. I hope this makes sense, I guess I am scared and am feeling helpless.

Thank you,
Mary Ann

Prayer Team
God, we ask for forgiveness on behalf of our dear Benjamin. Father, from the abundance of your mercies, turn your face toward Benjamin and let him know that you love him and care for him. God, he has done some things that can spoil his future BUT God, you are are forgiving God, a restoring God - Do something new in his life. Father, you say that the plans you have for Benjamin are for good and not for evil, dear God, touch all that need be touched and perfect his future. Let him turn to you, love you, learn to trust you and ultimately serve you.

Even this Friday, I pray that he receives uncommon favor with the judge and Father, let your name be glorified in all this.

I pray that you touch the parents, grant them peace of mind and let them continue to lean on you even as regards Benjamin.

Thank you God for a praying mother, bless Mary Ann and annoint her with an intercessors annointing. I rebuke every fear and I decree that the Spirit of Power, of Love and of a sound mind is her portion in Jesus Mighty Name, AMen.

God, help us, remind us, to give you all the glory in Jesus Faithful Name, Amen.

Remain Blessed,

Bro. Chester
Prayer Team.

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Thank you
by: Mary Ann

Thank you Brother Chester and prayer team, I am the mother of Benjamin. Thank you for the
prayers for Ben and our family. I feel blessed
to have found this site and be connected to such
wonderful people, truly you are gifts from the
One of Ben's co-workers' mother is experiencing
severe complications from ovarian cancer, Ben
asked if we could pray for her, her name is
Mrs. Simmons. Thank you.
May you all be blessed today and always.
Thank you again, I am overwhelmed with the love
and generosity you have given us.
God Bless all of you
Mary Ann

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