I have recently overcome addiction, thanks to my gracious and Almighty God. I lost both parents within the last year. I am a single mother whom has recently gained full custody of my children and manage to keep them from going into the system with the help of My God. I am now pursing my dream which is a career as a film and television writer and producer. This is the course I was on before my addiction. I am now working as a server and bareley making ends meet with my two young children. I am currently living with reletives. I am seeking God first in my life and give him all the glory and praise because there is no telling where I would be without him first in my life. I am not complaining about my current situation but I need a blessing in order to upgrade my quality of life as I struggle to meet the mandated requirements of the courts with fines and all that I must do to clean up the wreckage of my past. So please pray for me that God provides my children and me with a home and a solid career in which I would be able to care for my two small children, pay my legal obligations and provide a stable living condition for my babies. It is has been hard we have moved six times in the past year, but i refuse to give up and will continue serving God no matter what. Thank you for your prayers.

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