Today my 21 year old daugther meet with lawyer. She got in a car accident 2011 & the other guy is try to sue. I just thank God no one got serious hurt. The same daughter just recently got held up at gun point at her job. It just hard to see her so young having to go through all this. She is a good girl trying to work & finish college. I do not question God but to have a gun held to her head, I just pray. My God is awesome. Just need a up lift about life. Thank-You.

Prayer Team
God, please see the cry of your dear child, please intervene. You declare in Isaiah 41:10 that You will be with us, please help, uphold this dear one in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
We bless our daughter and declare divine protection, a Spirit of excellence and a bright future. We beleieve that the plans You have for her are for good, to give her a future and ana expected end.
Thank you for a praying mother, bless her and keep her in Jesus Mighty Name, amen.

Be blessed,

Bro Chester

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