myself and family

please intercede in pray with me for myself and my family. i have recently learn that the person whom i was living with for over nine years and we were planning to get married had been interfering with my nice since she was 12 years old she is now eighteen and he had started with my daughter not our daughter my daughter, i need prayer for my niece and my daughter to be able to overcome this and also for my self to be strong in this tragedy.we have been betrayed and used and the hurt is there but i was able to handle it because of my god. he is out of the home and we need to get our balance to start afresh. i pray also that god would help him because somehow the devil got to him. but he is still god child and he needs prayer to overcome this sickness in his life. we would never have a life together,but we all have to move on in our life. so i pray that you agree with me in pray for strength to move on and for the healing of the family.

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