My Strenght in the Lord, my Son who locked up in jail, my finances

Good Morning Everyone,

I am asking for special pray i completely turned my life over to the "LORD" and from that day to now the devil as completely tried to make me lose my faith. My son was locked up on March 23rd for child support. My son was giving court dates but in the meantime someone kept calling the courts giving bad dates, so when the courts dates went out they went to old address (i know this is the emeny). I was in touch with courts who told me on the day he was arrested there were going to give him a court date asap. I don't have enought money to pay my bills i have became more of borrow that a lender. My God said we are to be lenders and not borrowers. I know this is the emeny. I am asking for prayer that God release my son his bail is $2000.00 which i don't which is apart of his child support. My mortage is behind please pray for me and my family. I cry everyday so i am praying for peace and to have God totally in my life. I am asking for prayer over my children as well as my grandchildren. I have been talked about and lied on but i am going to push and push hard.
I really love the "LORD" and i really want to be in his present. I am asking for prayer for strenght in the lord, I am asking for prayer that every door i knock on be open and not shut. I pray for life and strenght and a financial blessing. I really want my son release becasue this was not his fault he just got a job and was trying to do the right thing.

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