My Son, Michael, who is depressed

by Nancy
(Standish, Mi. US)

Please pray for my son Michael who is 19 years attending college and is dealing with many areas of his life that are not going the way he hoped they would. He loves to run and has been dealing with injury for quite some time, and some of the other runners are starting to give him a hard time. He has many tough classes, up late studying, also finally got the nerve up to tell a girl he liked her, and she told him he was already over him, that he waited too long to tell her. He is sick with a bad cold all week, finally went to doctors for medicine. He didnt go to classes for three days as was really depressed and best friend was not there to talk to. We got a call from him yesterday telling us about what was going on. The Dean of his college had got a note showing he wasnt at classes the last few days, and he called Mike into his office and had a good talk with him. The Dean is a Deacon and really was a good listener and asked him to give us a call and sent him to the councelors office to talk with someone else also. Please pray for my son, as he has always over come tough times in his life and challenges. And to see that he is showing this side of him has us very concerned. Please pray for him to know that his family loves him very much and are always here to talk with about anything, and also to turn to God, who is always there!

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