My Mother has been just diagnosed with Cancer

by Don & Melanie Bosdell

My Mother Patsy Willis has just been diagnosed with cancer on the 10 April 2010. Her latest test(bone scan) showed that she has cancer in her Left Femur and some "hot" spots along her spine. The cancer has metastacized from some where else in her body, probably her right breast, ovaries or colon.
Update! In just 4 days ago, we learned that her cancer has spread to her breast, spine and colon. On the 23rd of April @10:30am, she went through her first treatment of Chemo, they kept her overnight at the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Alaska, due to the port that they installed had become inflamed. I talked to my father Craig and in the background, I could her my mother's strong voice, the strength of her voice was wonderful to hear, and she was very alert.
She will be coming home on Monday(tomorrow), she will be needing a special bed, and father will be expanding the bathroom, with what he has to do it. I make Traditional Tsalagi Nesting Baskets and I am going to try and sell them to raise funds on my mother's behalf.
If anyone would like to write to my mother and encourage her(and my father), Give Strength, Hope and Faith through their time of need:
Rev. Craig & Patsy Willis
3400 N. Diana Ave
Palmer, Alaska 99645
c 907-301-0717

Philippians 4:13
I can do All Things through Christ who Strengthens Me.

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Update on Melanie's Mom
by: Becky in Alaska

Update on Melanie's Mom!

She is doing Great! She has really inspired those around her, both young and old alike, who are also struggling with different types of cancer. Patsy is a role model for those around her, including her Drs. They can't believe she is so strong in her Faith in the Lord. She is a beacon of light to others, including me. The Lord is coninueing on her healing. She does not have any cancer in her vital organs. Praise God!
She does have a rare cancer, but she has been healed by our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise God!
Our God, is a Mighty God, He is the Grand Physician of All Diseases! He can heal you, if only you would put your full mind, body and heart into believing in Jesus! You have to have full Faith in Jesus in order to be healed.
I have never seen Patsy down, she is always Praising God, Singing and Praising and He, our Almighty God has healed her! Praise God!

I will be updating you all on her progress, because, she is my best friend, my role model of how we should have Jesus in our lives.


Becky in Alaska.

P.S.- I have seen the lists of prayers and have added them to my prayer list here in Alaska and at my church.

Don't Give in, Don't Stop Beliving, Keep Dreaming and ask God to Heal You! My Prayers are with You All. Keep the Faith!

From the Prayer Team

Becky - Thank you for the great work and prayers you and the church are offering to the cancer patients. May God who sees what is done secretly reward you all openly in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

We love you and thank God for you,

Bro. Chester
Prayer for Cancer Patients

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