I am really struggling at the moment, that is financially, need financial help from God and divine protection and provision. I pray to god and ask him to help me through this my financial time of need . My bills are upon me and with god I know all things are possible. I am married.. Please pray that God will be w/ me & my husband RONZELL upon reconciling our marriage. I have been insecure of our marriage because of some of the things he has done in the past. But I am praying for healing for myself and for my husband to return home and regain my trust and that he will not allow himself to be interested in no other woman but me.

Please pray that God will give me the Courage, wisdom & Strength to hold onto my marriage that is in turmoil at this point in time. My daugher will not speak to him. We love each other but we both need God to intervene and in the name of Jesus please bless my marriage and turn it around for the better. I wish for my marriage to be turned around and be made whole...

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