My life

I have been suffering from anxiety because of a thyroid condition. I have body aches and pains that sometimes breaks me down. On top of that I am having trouble in my marriage. My husband has a lady friend whom he gives his time to, he says that they are just friends but he told her that he loves her. He is at her every beck and call, and I can't stand it. Although he has told me that there is nothing going on, deep sown inside I feel that it is more to it than what he had told me. I want my husband to be closer to Jesus, I need him to put Jesus first in his life and realize that he can't prosper without him. I just want healing my my marriage and healing for my body. I no longer want to suffer from thyroid problems, or anxiety and everything else that my body is going through. So I am asking for prayer in this matter. I know that Jesus will and has already worked it out. I pray that my husband can be honest and open about whats going on because until he does I don't think we will be able to move forward in our marriage.

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