My life and situation

I lost my job a year ago because i had to disk replaced in my neck and about three months after that I had radial tunnal syndrome in my left arm,And I am lefthanded, my job was production for ten years.was not able to go back to work so I lost my job.with the help of unemployment and my kids my bills are paid for now.I know GOD is with me,because i ask him to take me out of that job because i wasnt liked there i felt like it was a dead in job,i would sit alone on breaks and look to the sky and ask GOD to take me away from it.I know GOD have other plans for me,I am asking for your prayer for strenth and patience, GOD has been with me all my life,and he has blessed me in so many ways,and shown me that he is with me. I had stop going to church,and GOD guided me back,bacause thats where he wanted me to be.I wake up on sunday and watch your show because i feel like you are talking to me and then i go to church.I read my bible every night and pray every morning and night,thank you for taking the time to read this.

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