My husband Carl has colon cancer

by Betty shelton
(Gilmer, Texas, USA)

Three weeks ago my husband Carl was diagnosed for the second time with colon cancer. Given 6 months to live, or have surgury ( which may not help) and undergo cancer treatment. My husband is a big strong, macho, and gruff man. Inside he is frail. He is afraid of surgury, being put to sleep and never waking up. He is afraid of suffering. I am afraid for him. Please pray the surgeon will have Gods hands in his, and it will go well. I can't bear to lose him, but, I can't bear to see him suffer either. Pray for God's will and as He would have it. I do, I pray for God's will and that Carl doesn't suffer. Please pray for God to give me strength to handle this ordeal and to keep my faith strong. Sometimes I don't feel like reading and praying. but, I do love the Lord, and I do trust Him. Help me be strong and to keep going, and take care of him. To keep him strong and motivated. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all.Betty

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Believe he is healed
by: CJ

Your husband is healed in Jesus name. Don't let the devil discourage you in any way, by the stripes of Jesus Carl is healed. I felt the same when my mum was told she had colon cancer two years ago but God has healed her and we are celebrating the faithfulness of God. He said "is anything difficult to the Lord" those are his words and I believed he never lies. He will deliver your husband from the sickness in Jesus name. Be strong and cry to our God because he never sleeps and slumber but he listens to the cries of his people.

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