My health and marriage


I am a lady aged 24 who from her childhood has been loving the Lord and prayerful but it so happened that when was in tertiary i got into a battle. I was fighting with demons(witchcraft) i couldn't sleep at night. So now i am left with the marks of that war. Actually there is something like an animal moving in my stomach and it is so demonic. I also feel in my spirit marriage and i can not understand it. Please pray for me if it is the HOLY SPIRIT OR ITS DEMONIC THING IN MY STOMACH. LASTLY I AM STILL LOOKING FOR THE JOB OF AN ACCOUNTANT OR AN AUDITOR AS MY PROFFESION IS.

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Jesus our present help
by: Annie

Jesus is our healer and deliverer may you be healed in his name Amen

Mark 16
by: George

As you are going to read mark 16 believe that you have and can execute this authority and trust the Lord who promised and reing forever and recieve your deliverance in Jesus name

by: Anonymous

You are being deceived to believe anything else other than what God says you are. Your freedom will be the result of whatyou now choose to believe,confess or declare.Confront satan verbally and tell him that he is a liar. He has no right or power over you. Resist him and he will flee. It is for freedom that the Lord has set you free.

by: Anonymous

I pray for your recovery of health and marriage. Believe and declare, God is faithful and will delight in giving you the desires of your heart. God Bless.

May God bless you.
by: Anonymous

Mamankoane, whenever this entity in your stomach is apparent, say out loud over and over, "I CHOOSE GOD!"
"I CHOOSE GOD!" May the Lord GOD protect you at all times.

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