my family

by faith 24

Greeting's in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I ask all my fellow sister's and brother's in Christ to pray for the my family. My son Mark needs deliverance from depression. He is a good young man who has had some disappointments in his life. The first would be a relationship wth my husband his fther. My husband has been battling an addiction to drugs for most of my son Mark's life. He has suppresed his feelings for along time. He is hurt and he has every right to feel the way he does. I as his mother never told my children about their father having an addiction when the were young because I was trying to protect them. I thought they would be to young to understand and I didn't want to worry them. It was bad enough that he would go off for days at a time, take my car, steal the money and all the things that addicts do in there addiction. I always held on to hope that he would change and come around and do what he was suppose t do as a father and a husband to all of us. My husband is currently incarcerated for things he has done during his addiction. My husband says he is done with those people, places, and things. I believe he really wants to do good by us all. I know that you can't get back the year's that he missed while our kids were growing up but he can live for today and hope for tomorrow that he can restore the relationship with our children. I told my husband about this issue and I know that he is hurt because of the things he's done to us. I pray that he will lift his head up and ask Jesus to help him restore his relationship with his family. So I ask that yu pray with and for the restoration of our family. All things are possible with God for those who love him. We all love Jesus including my husband. We all fall short to the glory of God for none of us are perfect. We just have to get to the point were when we fall down we must get back up just like jesus when he died and rose again on the third day. We all have the power and authority to do this. The lord died on the cross so that we would have life. I pray that each one of my family members will gain the wisdom and understanding to get thru this life. These are one of many things I hope and pray for as a mother and wife and a person who wishes the best fo each and every person of this world. Dear Lord save my family and all those who don't know you in the pardon of there sins. I wish none to perish just as you Lord bcause one day your coming back and hope none are left behind. Amen

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by: Anonymous

May Our Lord be with and your family.

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