My Dream

by Faye

Last evening ,I was on a bus in the Middle East,The Bus was full of People,I notice a man got on the Bus with a M-16.The people on the bus was afraid,I said in my mind if he comes near me ,I will take the Gun from him,He came close to me,A lady who was two seat in front me motion with her face expression she would help me out,The man stop in front of me ,I grab the Rifle out of his hands.Me and the lady got off the bus,We were in a farm area,and the stench was so bad,I ask her how could they get use to the smell,We walked up to a barred wire fence,There where two Unicorn without there Horns,Right before my very eyes,The unicorn who was closest to me two horns appeared on top of his head,the unicorn who was next to him ,Asingle horn appeared on his head,and a voice said you will find Unicorn In Isaiah,I walk away everybody in the town came out to Congratulated me.I went in a small building the Sheriff said,I heard what you did,I'm trying to find clarity,I know if I pray God will bless me,I wanted to share this dream ,what is your interpretation.

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