My brother Matthew who has grade 4 melanoma - skin cancer

by Kathryn

My brother Matthew Willoughby is only 21 years old and he desperately needs a miracle. He had a mole check and just found out yesterday that one of his moles has come back as melanoma - grade 4. They are doing more tests to find out what the situation is but it's a very dire and very tragic situation. Matt is only 21, has his whole life ahead of him, and he doesn't know the Lord yet. I would be grateful with all my heart for your prayers on his behalf - all of them no matter how small - I would be so eternally grateful. I have been praying for my family for a long time with no visible 'results' yet, and then this happens... I have nowhere else to turn to but God and His promises... and Matt needs a miracle - pray that God would come in His power and heal his body, remove every last vestige and trace of this cancer - pray that God would demonstrate His love and power and grace in this situation - and that this would not be unto death - BUT FOR THE GLORY OF GOD. I'm desperate, and I desperately desire your prayers and thank you with all my heart for each and every one.

Love and Blessings to you all, Kathryn

Prayer Team

Dear Kathryn,
Praise the Lord! Sorry to hear about your brother. We are asking God to divinely intervene and bring forth a miracle in Jesus Mighty Name, amen. In Isaiah 53:5 " His stripes, we have been healed" We agree with the Bible that Jesus Christ stripes have secured healing for your brother. We ask God to touch our dear brother and bring total healing in his body in Jesus Mighty Name, amen.

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