miracle need for mother

by alicia clark
(point pleasant ,nj usa)

Please pray a payer of agreement with me for my mother Elizabeth Clark can I ask if your ministries pray continual for me and my mother until I call back with the praise report. We believe for a quick recovery out of hospital for my mother. She was admitted to the hospital on 9/23/13 her oxygen level being low. She had a bad bed sore that was infected she had surgery on Monday to remove the dead skin. Please pray that
Will filled that hold with what should go there healed quickly and new skin tissues.
This family needs a creative and restoration for my mother body. She needs new body part in these area neck, throat, lungs, bone, stomach to be restore and function the way god created them to be. My mother had cancer in these area mass in the neck, throat, lung, bones, and stomach. She need weight gain and strength in her body and in her legs. She has not walked since May 2013. she need to her face restore back to normal her lips, tongue, mouth, neck eye’s , face are swollen , and she need to see again here eye are swallow, hearing, talking. We being for a miracle now and that my mother will walk out of this hospital on her own today and will not have to go back to that rehab. Restoration to return her back home this family is not whole until she back home. The reason that I know this can happen is that when we found out I found out my mother condition I knew she would recover because of God speaking to my spirit to reject all the negative reports.
p.s. please pray for my mother labs work for white blood to be 11 normal it 16 now, sodium level to be 136 normal range it is 123 now, potassium level to stay in normal range my mother count is 4.7 it in normal range which is 3.5-5.1. That her oxygen level is 100% on it own with out oxygen like it used to be.

Thank you,
Alicia Clark

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