Matthew Wright

by Jason Wright
(Sleaford Lincs)

Matthew was given days to live in late December by Doctors in Nottingham City Hospital England. They offered no hope and no therapy. With the power of THE LORD WHO HEALS, he stayed alive, ate food, drank liquids and used the toilet! During the first three weeks of his stay in Hospital fluid caused by the tumor in his lower back caused a massive build up of fluid in the legs and groin. A football sized bag of fluid was in his scrotum. It was terrible to see. We have prayed, cryed, and trusted in our Savior.

As Matthew kept eating and did not lie down and die the Doctors decided to try Chemotherapy. That was nearly two weeks ago. The Doctors said IF the chemo had any results it would take the fluid 5-6 weeks to reduce down and leave his body.

The chemo started on the Friday. By the following Wednesday nearly all the fluid was gone - PRAISE JESUS.

Matthew is now home, very weak and not having eaten properly for 3-4 months. Yesterday (10th Feb) he had his first proper meal!

He is scheduled for more chemotherapy and another scan. He still is taking a lot of pain releif and as a family we ask for your prayers.

For Matthew PRAY for complete healing in JESUS MIGHTY name. Already he plans to glorify God for the rest of his life. Matthew is 36 with two lovely children. Pray for him. God bless you.

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