Margarita (Ovarian Cancer), Philippines

Mum is 80 years old. She complained of blood spotting. The ob-gyne discovered a mass and suggested total hysterectomy. Upon operation the doctor suspected that there might be cancer, they called additional doctors to remove the parts of the oomen in addition to the entire reproductive system. The histopath revealed ovarian cancer. My mother however has not been informed of her condition as we are waiting for the oncologist to break the news to her. I think she suspects cancer already. We are scheduled to go to the doctor next saturday. So she will know by saturday.

My mum is still weak from the operation so first and foremost we ask for prayer that she recover her health and be able to feel a bit stronger so she can move around some more and eat more nourishment. Likewise that the medicines she is taking for her other health issues not conflict with whatever medication that will be prescribed. We pray that she can be with us for some more years.

We ask that not only mum will be given strength but as well as all of her children who so love her dearly. We the children need your prayers that we may be guided by the Holy Spirit to make the correct decisions on what further treatment for mum to undertake. Also the serenity to accept what the Lord has willed for my mother.

Mum has always been the pillar of the family. Her strength and resolved and her readiness to always be of service is something we will always be awed with.

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