Maggie Lene Allen

by Scentoria

My name is Scentoria. I am her only child. My mother is a strong woman and speaks up for what she believes in. But since diagnosed on July 28th with small cell lung cancer, advanced stage, we've been speaking nothing but life. But I can tell her faith is waivering and she's worried about me and whether or not Hod is listening. I pray with her and over her every day. Now she's in the hospital with a blood clot in her lungs and trouble eating and holding food so she's losing weight. Please pray my mother can regain her ability to eat normally. Pray these strongholds are releasing their grip from her body internally and externally. Pray she stays strong in her faith and continue growing with God, building her strength and faith and ridding herself of the fear and stress. Pray that this cancer will no longer stay in her body and other diseases will no longer have a place in her temple. Pray that my mother will continue to speak life into herself so that she will be given life. Pray for a miracle because we strongly believe in miracle. Pray that through God's divine intervention she will understand that He, Jehovah Raphael has not forsaken her and is healing her. She's a fighter and she needs all the strength God is giving and the power to heal through scriptures. Right now she is in High Desert Medical Center and the doctor is speaking of death. I told my mother that no one has the right to claim your life span based on their reality. We have a higher authority over man and He is our true healer. Thank you so much everyone. Keep us in your prayers.

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