Love for my neighbors and strength

by Tessie Ann Soto-H
(Mohave Valley Az. USA)

I would love to feel more love for those in passing and for those at work and those that teach us.I'm a full time student and a full time employee and a mother and there for my Mom,sister,brothers.I feel overwhelmed right now i feel like everyting is going wrong i'm at college and have to reresiter and it's already feeling to much and not being at work today I can hear them now that i'm not there they are lost and when i'm there i do make it easy for others that I pray before work everyday to be helpful to others and they don't appreciate it talk about me so when i go back it will be hard but thats not it when you are a full time employee and going to college it's hard now when i do get to the college the teachers are mad because your are not in there class but i have done all the work by the sylibyss they have given me and all my work is in.They to pressure me i feel lost at this time like no one can tell me Jesus is with you now and i need that strength.I have been a believer for 7yrs. i have been sober from drugs meth for 7yrs. i go to church but,they are to busy to see what i'm going through right now, today now. My mom called me today this morning i need you I could not be with her i ahd to be at college that hurts,my sister,my brothers and my three children everyday day they need me I have little time and it feels like my days go by too fast and i don't have time for my husband everyday. It just hit me now that I'm tiried lost,confused hurt left outI could go on.

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