Louis Morton, Sandra Rutherford, Cynthia gray

I need prayer for my father Louis who had back surgery on Feb. 26, 2010. He went back to the doctor on Monday which is today, he is doing good but he lost his appette, i pray that it will come back soon. Pray for him.

Pray for my sister who has breast cancer she went back tothe doctor on Thursday and they took the drainage out, i pray that they got all the cancer, she has to go back to the doctor on the 17 of March, pray that the cancer is gone and she want have to have chemo and radation, i feel good about it. I thank God for her and my father, i have a sister who live in Florida she has been here with me to help out.

I have to start tomorrow by myself to help my dad recover from the back surgery, i am going to do good because i have no one but the good Lord to help me. Pray for me also, i lost my right kidney in 2008 and i am doing good i just need to help myself to stay off the kidney machine.Pray that God will strengenth me and keep me strong for myself and my father.

I have had 2 back surgery and i still have it right now, i had to wear my back brace today but i will take care of my father, pray for my sister to have a safe trip to her home in Florida. I know i will be ok because i have faith in and of God .

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