Lori Rodrigues, Brain Tumor, Sacramento, CA, USA

by Jennifer Q
(Lincoln, CA, USA)

My dear friend Lori has a brain tumor, she beat lung cancer 6.5 years ago at the age of 40 and had her lung removed. She does not know much about this tumor yet, as she just found out last week. I pray that God heals her so she can continue to work to help others with grace in his name.

Prayer Team
Father we lift up Lori into your hands, you our Jehovah Rapha, we pray you stretch out your healing hands over her now and heal her of this tumor in the name of Jesus, you said in your word that you have given us power over all sicknesses and diseases, we exercise that authority over this tumor right now and command it to dry up! in Jesus name, thank you for we know you have answered us In Jesus Mighty name we pray

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